Rockin Habits: Reading Can Transform

In Week 2 of Rockin’ Habits we explore the habit of reading and how it can change your life. We will look at how to fit it into your life and how to make the most of it.


Day 1 of the Habit of Reading: Reading Can Transform

Day 2 of the Habit of Reading: An Ordinary Person Achieves The Extraordinary




Day 3 of the Habit of Reading: New Worlds and New Opportunities

Day 4 of the Habit of Reading: New Opportunities for Growth

Day 5 of the Habit of Reading: Become an Avid Reader

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Habit of the Week: Gratitude


Day 1 of the Habit of Gratitude


Day 2 of the Habit of Gratitude: Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise


Day 3 of the Habit of Gratitude: Gratitude Changes Relationships

Day 4 of the Habit of Gratitude: Gratitude Leads to Success


Day 5 of the Habit of Gratitude: The Blessings of Gratitude When Life is Difficult

Kateri Allard, RN: Her VIEW on Nursing and Taking on Crohn’s Disease

Kateri Allard, RN

Nurse Blogger Kateri Allard’s open letter to Joy Behar of the talk show, The View went viral.  Kateri sat down with me to talk about why it’s so important to have an open conversation about what nurses do.  Kateri was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease as a very young teen and she also talks about the ways in which she’s beating it.

This special episode honors nurses and the entire health care team.
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Share YOUR VIEW on Nurses

Will you help me turn recent catty comments about Miss America 2nd Runner up, Kelley Johnson, RN into an uplifting conversation about what nurses do and how they make a positive difference in the world? What has a nurse done for you?  Did her meticulous wound care save function for you?  Did she teach you about a condition which made it more manageable for you?  Did her quick observation and action save your life or your loved one’s life? I only recently hung up my stethoscope.  I’m so happy I had the amazing experience.  It changed me.  If nursing has changed you as a nurse or patient or family, please share your story.  You can leave a comment here, click on the sidebar to leave a voice message or send an email.  Thank you to all of my fellow nurses still practicing and making a difference for the whole patient and their family.