From Heartbreak, Betrayal, and Jail to Chicken Soup for the Soul: Vidal Cisneros, Jr. Shares His Story

From Vidal Cisneros, Jr website          Years ago, I was a hard-nosed, road construction guy. Now, I’m letting my multi-passionate personality shine through the rough exterior. I write for some cool places such as Huffington Post, the Good Men Project, and Chicken Soup for the Soul. I enjoy traveling. (Born in Chicago and raised in Milwaukee, means midwest winters get old quickly.) Coaching clients in need of ‘aha moments’ makes my day. Sitting back and melting smores over a campfire with my daughters, is a blast. All in all, I’m just a regular guy with a purpose driven heart to serve.

Success coach, and author Vidal Cisneros, Jr talks to us about his story featured in the latest Chicken Soup for the Soul. Today, he ‘s happy after overcoming alcohol addiction, divorce, marriage betrayal, incarceration, bankruptcy and other personal devastation.

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Habit of the Week: Rest For a Happy, Healthy Life


Day 1 The Importance of Rest

Day 2 Overcoming the Obstacles that Keep Us from Getting the Rest We Need

Day 3 How to Fit Rest and Relaxation into our Busy Schedules

Day 4 Creating Relaxing Space

Day 5 How to Enjoy Your Time Off on a Very Tight Budget

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Habit of the Week: A Good Morning Routine

Day 1 of Morning Routines: Do We Really Need Them

Day 2 of Morning Routines: Morning Routines are Personal

Day 3 of Morning Routines: Morning Habits to Steer Your Day in the Right Direction

Day 4 of Morning Routines: Tips and Tools to Help us Maintain Healthy Morning Habits.

Day 5 of Morning Routines: Keep up with Your Morning Routine Even When Having “One of Those Days.”

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Bought Sense

Marriet Allen, Author of The Credit ABCs


After Marriet Allen found herself filing for bankruptcy at the young age of 21, she took her grandmother’s advice to heart. “Some sense is bought sense; learn from this so you won’t have to go through this again.”  She did learn from it and now shares her knowledge with others.

Marriet’s Advice:

  • Seek Help when you need it.  Don’t allow shame or embarrassment to keep you in your circumstances. “Complain and Remain or Confess and Address.”
  • Stay Away from Payday Loans
  • Be aware of the emotional side of money.
  • Do not enable others. Plant a seed by sharing information about wise money habits.
  • Awareness of a problem is the beginning of changing it.
  • Learn because when you know better you can do better.


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