Another Chance to Win the Lottery!

IMG_3806Another Chance to Win the Lottery!

Looks like there’s still a chance to make your dreams come true since no one won Saturday’s 949 million dollar Powerball jackpot! Today the jackpot is estimated to be 1.4 BILLION dollars and who knows where it will end up. Lottery fever has pools of coworkers and friends buying as many tickets as they can afford. Seems everyone is dreaming big and making plans for all that cash! How about you? What are you dreaming? Maybe, you’re planning vacations, dream homes, charities you’ll set up, and how much you’ll share with the important people in your life. I love those dreams! The more detailed they are the better! I created some dreams of my own. Here’s the beginning of my if-I-won-the-powerball-plan…

  1. God gets the first 10%
  2. My house and all debts get paid off
  3. Each member of my family gets a big new house and many other things yet to be determined
  4. Set up a therapy-animal training and placement charity to be run by my daughter
  5. Set up scholarship funds at schools I’d like to support
  6. Build my dream studio for Rockin’ Life and hire the best people to make it even more amazing
  7. Host a big dream vacation for my whole extended family

Just one problem with my plan — the odds are pretty well stacked against me and you too. According to USA Today, the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292.2 million. Your chance of becoming a movie star or president of these United States of America are better than winning this Powerball jackpot.  So what’s a girl to do with these dreams and plans? Keep dreaming and planning!  Who knows what could happen if you start working that plan. You could actually become a billionaire on your own. says your chances of that are 1 in 7 million. The millionaire mark is much easier to hit. 1 out of every 106 people living in the United States of America is a millionaire according to several sources. It looks like the odds for making your dreams come true are more in your favor than you realized!

Don’t waste those dreams you just dreamed.  You’ve invested time and energy in mapping out your dream life. Take one more step and map out a way to get there. Start by answering these questions for yourself.  Do you know what you need to do to get there? Do you know how to find out what needs to be done? What do you need to learn? What resources do you already have (people, finances, physical items, traits, knowledge)?  What programs are already in place that could help you reach that dream life? What are you willing to do? Remember that only those things that are moral and consistent with your values will allow you to enjoy your dreams. 

Libraries are filled with information that can help you make your dreams reality. You just need to decide which avenue to take and whether you are willing to do what is necessary to fulfill your dreams. Get-out-of-debt guru, Dave Ramsey says, “If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else.”  Keep dreaming. Start exploring. Take action.

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