The Power of Baby Steps. Day 1

You’ve probably heard sayings like Life is what happens while we’re busy making plans or life is what happens when we’re waiting for life to happen. Life is made up of our moments and days. We might wait to win the lottery. We might wait for that big break, that perfect diet, the one answer that will solve all of our problems and make us healthy, wealthy, wise, and happy. That big break may come but it won’t be the real source of our change or success. It will just be an event in our lives. Our lives whether they are what we want them to be or not are the little things we do every day or every week. It’s those little baby steps that build upon themselves that make all of the difference in who we are, what we accomplish and how we live.

I remember sitting in orientation for nursing school. A panel of professors took turns explaining what we would learn and accomplish during our first semester – what we would be expected to know and those things for which we were to be responsible. I found myself feeling a little anxious and slightly overwhelmed by what I was expected to know in such a short time.  I had to stop and remember that I wasn’t expected to have the knowledge and skills they were describing, that day or even the next.  I would gain this knowledge and these skills just like I had learned everything else – one step at a time – one day at a time – one lesson at a time. By the time I graduated I realized that like most things – It was all about doing the little things, mastering them and then building on them. I realized that it actually hadn’t been that hard BUT it would have been so easy to fail.

I’ve found that to be true a many things. If we do the little things consistently and build upon them then what we want to gain is not that hard to gain.  It will be hard if we try to grab it all at one time – that’s an easy way to fail. If we try to lose a bunch of weight too fast, or try to rush a relationship, or get rich quick – we’re probably cooking up a recipe for pain. If on the other hand we realize that by doing those little baby steps consistently, we can accomplish our goals and probably faster in the long run. In fact we probably never will get what we’re looking for if we try to take the path of giant steps and short cuts.

This week we’re going to look at the baby steps necessary for financial freedom, getting our homes in order, getting physically fit, and succeeding in our jobs, careers, or businesses. Today, we can search ourselves and think of the one thing we can do today and every day to make our lives what we what it to be. It could be something like reading 5 or ten pages of something we want to master every day, or drinking an extra glass of water, or showing up for work 5 to 15 minutes earlier.  Just one little thing. We might be surprised where find ourselves a year from now.

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