Bought Sense

Marriet Allen, Author of The Credit ABCs


After Marriet Allen found herself filing for bankruptcy at the young age of 21, she took her grandmother’s advice to heart. “Some sense is bought sense; learn from this so you won’t have to go through this again.”  She did learn from it and now shares her knowledge with others.

Marriet’s Advice:

  • Seek Help when you need it.  Don’t allow shame or embarrassment to keep you in your circumstances. “Complain and Remain or Confess and Address.”
  • Stay Away from Payday Loans
  • Be aware of the emotional side of money.
  • Do not enable others. Plant a seed by sharing information about wise money habits.
  • Awareness of a problem is the beginning of changing it.
  • Learn because when you know better you can do better.


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