Welcome to the Rockin’ Life Podcast!  We Share stories of hope and inspiration.  Here we celebrate people who had major struggles but stepped out of their circumstances and are now ROCKIN’ LIFE!

The Importance of Rest


5 Days of Ideas and Tips for Rest and Relaxation

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Habit of the Week: Rest For a Happy, Healthy Life



Professional Drummer, Dan Caro

The moving and inspiring conversation with Dan Caro is filled with talk of gratitude and persistence.  He honors the love and support of his family and the Shriner’s Hospital Organization.

The Amazing Story of Drummer “No Hand Dan” Caro



Rockin’ Habits: Prepare for the Day on the Night Before!


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Our Experiment with Getting Prepared for the Day the Night Before



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Rockin Habits: Reading Can Transform


Her Amazing Recovery from a Brain Injury, Taking Her Children from Dyslexia to Gifted and developing the Path to Reading: An Interview with Dr. Teri Lawton

Teri Lawton CEO, Founder, Director of Research at Perception Dynamics Institute
Teri Lawton
CEO, Founder, Director of Research at Perception Dynamics Institute

Dr. Teri Lawton developed an amazing program that turns reading difficulty into reading pleasure while using some of the techniques to heal her own brain injury in a fraction of the time her neurologist predicted.

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 5 Days of the Habit of GratitudeHabitslikeinterestClick Here to Hear 5 Days of The Week Of Gratitude!


Kateri Allard, RN

Nurse Blogger Kateri Allard’s open letter to Joy Behar of the talk show, The View went viral.  Kateri sat down with me to talk about why it’s so important to have an open conversation about what nurses do.  Kateri was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease as a very young teen and she also talks about the ways in which she’s beating it.

This special episode honors nurses and the entire health care team.
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Susan Brown with Lulu and Frank

 Episode 009 Overcoming Pain and a Debilitating Movement Disorder: Susan Brown and Her Physical Therapist, Marieke Crawford and I Discuss Dry Needling and Cervical Dystonia. Susan Brown talks about the progression of the painful and debilitating movement disorder, cervical dystonia, in her life. She shares her journey back to normal activities and a life free of pain medication after she began dry needling treatment. Physical Therapist, Marieke Crawford, explains dry needling and it’s benefits, uses, and limitations

An article on Dry Needling from the American Physical Therapy Association

Marieke Crawford, PT, MOMT Marieke is a native of the Netherlands where she attended Hogeschool Enschede, graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Therapy in 1991. She has worked as a PT in the United States since March of1992. She went on to attain a Masters Degree of Orthopedic Manual Therapy in 1997, and is a clinical instructor of the Ola Grimbsy Institute where she teaches clinical certification courses.

What is Dystonia? a link from the American Dystonia Society


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Marla Cilley, The Fly Lady

Episode 008 The Journey from CHAOS to Finally Loving Yourself with Marla Cilley aka The Fly Lady! Marla is the author of Sink Reflections and Body Clutter and the founder of FlyLady.net, the website for everything clutter-busting and clean or as she may put it free of S.T.U.F.F. (Something That Undermines Family Fun) and blessed.  After helping herself out of CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome), she started helping others learn to FLY (Finally Love Yourself) digging themselves out of clutter and finding room for peace. She shares her method in this interview.

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Marla’s Habits of the Month

January: Shine Your Sink

February: Declutter 15 Minutes per Day

March: Get Dressed to Shoes

April: Make Your Bed

May: Moving in May

June: Drinking Water

July: Swish and Swipe

August: Laundry – A Load a Day Keeps Mount Washmore Away

September: Before Bed Routine

October: Paper Clutter

November: Menu Planning

December: Pamper Yourself


Jen McDonough aka The Iron Jen

Episode 006 with The Iron Jen! Author, motivational storyteller, and Internet radio show host, Jen McDonough aka The Iron Jen talks about her journey out of over $200,000 in debt. She talks about how she empowers first responders and those who work in high stress jobs to find strength in the face of adversity. Jen and her family are most known for paying off over $212,000 worth of debt and medical expenses in four years. She is also an 8-time national weightlifter and 2-time US Olympic Festival medal winner as well as an Ironman triathlete. All three of her books have hit Amazon’s Top 100 categories including her book 5 Minutes a Day to Living Beyond Rich which hit #1 under Amazon’s budgeting category.

Jen recently obtained her firefighter 1 and firefighter 2 certifications, however she still needs to get over her fear of tight spaces, heights, and fire.

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You can find out more about her at www.TheIronJen.com.

Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

Episode 005 Anne-Sophie Reinhardt shares her triumph over a life threatening eating disorder and with love, love, love , she helps us begin the journey to a healthy body image.

Anne-Sophie Reinhardt is the founder of the award-winning blog Make Peace with Food, Your Body & Yourself. She’s an Eating Psychology Coach, Martha Beck Life Coach, speaker and workshop leader.

After a 14-year long battle with food and her body, she successfully healed her relationship with herself and is now passionate about helping others find the peace, freedom and happiness she lives every day.

Her story and message have been the focus of a national Swiss documentary and she has been a guest on Swiss national TV. Her work has been published on sites such as the Huffington Post, Copyblogger, Problogger and She Takes on the World.

She helps you to stop fighting food and finally accept your body – no matter your shape or size. Her coaching approach is about breaking free, finding compassion and self-love and taking your power back one turtle step at a time. We start by looking at your patterns, dissolving some of your beliefs and look at what really matters when it comes to food and your body.

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Janet Lehman, of The Total Transformation shares the incredible story of redemption of James Lehman, creator of The Total Transformation.


Episode 003 and 004 Interview with Janet Lehman of the Total Transformation Program.  Janet shares the story of James Lehman”s triumph over abandonment, abuse, addiction, and crime to become a help and hope to countless troubled children and their parents.

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Stephanie O’Dea: The CrockPot Lady

Episode 002 Stephanie O’Dea discusses her young daughter’s mystery illness and how it lead her to become the CrockPot Lady.  After searching for ways to help make ends meet in her new role as stay-at-home-mom, she made a New Year’s Resolution to use her slow cooker every single day in 2008 and write about it online. This simple idea resulted in a highly-trafficked website and four books, one of which spent six weeks on the New York Times best sellers list. Stephanie has appeared on Good Morning America (three times), The Rachael Ray Show (four times), featured in Real Simple Magazine, Woman’s World, and Oprah.com. She is a contributing editor to Simply Gluten Free magazine and a recipe contributor to ABC.com. She is currently on television multiple times a day in the Ninja Cooking System infomercial, and is a spokesperson for the product.

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For a FREE copy of Stephanie’s ebook, Going Gluten Free Without Going Crazy email steph@stephanieodea.com and mention me, Colleen Crain or that you heard her on the Rockin’ Life podcast.


Brandy McCachren of Twisted Tread

Episode 001: Brandy McCachren, founder of Twisted Tread, shares her amazing story of triumph over abandonment, abuse,  and hopelessness to a life filled with love, joy, and success.  Her story so inspired the singer Patti LeBelle that upon hearing Brandy’s story, Ms. LeBelle gave Brandy her Angel award she had just received.

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