From Life in “The Murder Capital” to Life as “The Thrive Specialist”. The Story of Monique Moliere Piper

 Monique Moliere Piper is a Certified Professional Coach Speaker and has been nicknamed the Thrive Specialist. She has taught women across the United States how to achieve greater success by getting their lives out of default and into divine design.

Monique is the author of “Dance in the Sun: Being the Authentic You” and CEO of On Purpose Coaching, providing Life and Business Coaching services to women. Helping ladies create lives they love is her life’s calling. She understands the unique challenges women face when wanting to gain clarity to create and accomplish “big girl” goals. Monique helps women to get clear, strategic, and most importantly execute. Her clients learn to stop talking about ideas and manifest idids. The oldest of eight, and raised by a single mother, she knows first hand that mindset + on purpose action= results. Her inspirational speeches ignite an instant “get it done” fire under her audiences.

Monique’s Fab 5

  1. Success is a formula — Not a puzzle.
  2. You can make life happy or sad.  The work is the same.
  3. Be your own rescue
  4. Borrow Belief
  5. Progression over Perfection

Monique’s website

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